Release Notes(2017/08/22)

  • Fix link of NCBI Primer-BLAST and Primer3
  • Fix bug of masking SNP with large deletion

Release Notes(2017/08/02)

  • Fixing bug of filtering annotated result by location when variant located transcript structure is uncertain.
  • Adjusting supported filter of different input format.

Release Notes(2017/07/28)

Fix bug of primer design for genes on the reverse strand with snp masked.

Release Notes(2017/07/03)

VarioWatch which based on Genome Reference Consortium Human Build 38 are released.

Release Notes (2017/03/24)

  • Fix link of PubMed reference
  • Fix reference link of NCBI sequence

Downtime Notice

Due to power system maintenance, GenePipe will be unavailable from 18:00 February 14 to 12:00 February 16, 2017, GMT+8. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Release Notes (2017/01/20)

Exons affected by variants, HGVS name of deletion variants and inframe/frameshift evaluations are supported.

Release Notes (2016/10/07)

  • Fix: retrieving reference from PubMed.
  • Qualiseq is offline due to the insufficient manpower to maintain the latest data.

Release Notes (2016/10/05)

  • Add phenotype data from COSMIC (v78) to MegaQuery.

Release Notes (2016/09/05)

  • Add phenotype data from clinvar to MegaQuery.